Triple Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes

After school, I was asked to bake cupcakes. Now, I’m not a cupcake fan. If given the choice between cupcakes and cookies, I would choose cookies. However, as I tasted the batter and the aroma of their chocolaty goodness wafted out of the oven, I was reminded how simply good they are, and I couldn’t help eating a few. They weren’t great, and could be better, but that just gives me a reason to improve my baking skills. Hopefully soon I’ll find a good recipe and be able to enjoy them even more then I did these ones.


Hello food world!

Dessert: Strawberry Swiss Roll from “Desserts and After-Dinner Treats”

I’ve got some pictures of a past attempt to show:

 When you bite into the roll cake, you taste the fresh garden ripe strawberries mixed with fresh cream. The light cake tops it all off and its like pure strawberries, cream, and cake goodness. It truly felt like summer. 🙂

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